Youth and Discipleship Recognizes Leaders of Distinction

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Youth and Discipleship Recognizes Leaders of Distinction


Recently, at the Church of God General Assembly in Nashville, TN, Youth and Discipleship honored three outstanding couples who concluded their appointments as State Directors of Youth and Discipleship.  The newly elected leaders of Youth and Discipleship, David Blair and Rob Bailey, the International Youth and Discipleship Department staff and State Directors from around the USA and several other countries gathered to bid farewell to Gary Lewis, who concluded his four years as the International Director, as well as honor several couples whose ministries were moving in a new direction.

The three State Directors couples who were given special honor were Pat and Jan Wright, David and Jan Jarvis, and Shea and Abigail Hughes.

Wright, Pat & Jan - OhioPat and Jan Wright served 27 years as State Directors of Youth and Discipleship in MO, IN, PA, CA/NV, VA, N. OH, and OH.  They served each of these regions with integrity and have produced incredible results over the years.  The last six years Pat not only provided leadership in the area of Youth and Discipleship, but he also served as the Director of Leadership Development as the regions of Northern and Southern Ohio merged into “One Ohio.”  Mentoring and investing in next generation leaders are hallmarks of their ministry. The Wrights are an amazing team with Jan bringing countless gifts to fulfill their calling. The Wrights were appointed Administrative Bishop of Alaska at the 2016 General Assembly.



Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 12.59.23 PMDavid and Jan Jarvis will conclude their many years in the department with their recent appointment as Administrative Bishop of the Rocky Mountain Region.  David and Jan are well loved throughout the country, having served a total of 26 years in HI, OK, WV, SC, S. GA, and finishing with 8 consecutive years in Alabama.  Youth Camp was always one of this team’s favorite ministries!  Good preaching, singing and a winsome way made Jan and “Jarvi” (as many friends call him) quite a team when visiting local churches.  As he finished in Alabama, many wore a T-shirt with David’s face on it; an obvious expression of how much they are loved!



Shea and Abigail Hughes essentially concluded their 8 years of service in Youth and Discipleship in Hughes, Shea & Abigail2014 after ministering in MO, MI, and TX.  Shea’s energy and love for reaching the lost, and Abigail’s deep heritage in youth ministry, made them a tremendous team, especially excelling in YWEA in the states they served.  Shea and Abigail are experiencing incredible growth in the Bethalto, IL Church of God where they pastor.  Because of the timing of their departure from Y&D, this gathering provided opportunity to bless and acknowledge them as well.


The International Department of Youth and Discipleship honor these three couples for their significant investment in developing leaders, equipping the local church, and discipling youth and children.  They are worthy of honor and distinction for their exceptional leadership, dedication, and commitment to excellence that have made an eternal difference in the lives of so many! Youth and Discipleship celebrates these ministry leaders and releases them with more love, more confidence, and more faith than they will ever know!