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International Teen Talent August 3-7, 2015

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The Church of God believes in her young people. Youth today have an extraordinary capacity to learn, to develop skills, and to display leadership. Realizing this, the Church of God has taken positive steps of action through the Teen Talent Program to guide youth in utilizing their abilities in their everyday lives and in the church for the glory of God.

The Teen Talent program includes the following divisions: Art, Bible, Creative Writing, Drama, Music and Multi-Media. Youth with skills in these areas may use them for their personal enjoyment and as a Christian witness. The Teen talent program has a threefold objective:

  • To discover talent
  • To develop talent
  • To dedicate talent

Through regional/state and international competition, Church of God young people are led in an exciting program of competition that sparks excitement about God’s talent gifts and helps to cultivate qualities of character for adventurous Christian living.

The Teen Talent program is more than a competitive activity to determine who rates first and second; it is a ministry of love and guidance to Church of God youth. Competition, however, is a vital factor in the program. Competition, coupled with love and guidance, is a strong force in challenging youth to reach their full potential and to express themselves constructively for the glory of God.


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